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Quick Agile Maturity Assessment

Hexaware Agile Maturity Assessment

Recently, Hexaware launched ‘Quick Agile Maturity Assessment’ on its corporate website. Hexaware QAMA is free to use online version of Agile Maturity Assessment. This assessment is very small with a set of selective 32 questions, that can be responded in 2-3 minutes. Depending on the response provided, assessee gets a PDF report emailed; which  lists out good practices being followed and possible improvement area.

Click the below image linked URL that will take you directly to the assessment page –

Quick Agile Maturity Assessment

Based on Hexaware Agile Maturity Index (HAMI) Framework, this quick and small version of assessment still covers wider aspects of Agile Practices. The comprehensive version of Agile Adaption and Maturity Assessment, is available offline to Hexaware customers and prospects.

The whole assessment questions are grouped in following five area- Organization Culture, People, Software Process, Agile Management and Tools & Infrastructure. HAMI Framework rates the Agile practices maturity on five levels and cumulatively derives a final maturity level for the whole project and Organisation’s maturity to Agile.

Being involved in designing HAMI Framework and Assessment model and questionnaires; as I understand, it’s quite comprehensive and complete. Though, you will find many other maturity assessment guides and write-ups, but you won’t find such utility available freely and covering wide aspects of Agile adaption to maturity roadmap. I would suggest, to perform your project and organisation agility assessment using it. Would love hearing your feedbacks or any further improvements.


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